Exotic Blitzz
Exotic Blitzz Pred 20 urami
Why would Anthony edwards know who the owner is???
Vince Cruz
Vince Cruz Pred 20 urami
Nets getting lazy? Give smoove a manual what are you doing 😂
Wesonga Pred 21 uro
1:46 Dame is klutch
He really shouldve resigned.
Alec Merritt
Alec Merritt Pred 22 urami
How come I never got a story mode
Eh Navarro
Eh Navarro Pred 22 urami
Players feasting on Biyombo these days 😂
THEHOLYKIIDD Pred 22 urami
Team 2021 where yall at
Slam Dank
Slam Dank Pred 22 urami
Regular Season P lololol
doyle brown
doyle brown Pred 22 urami
we’re not gonna talk ab the lightskin face in the thumbnail😭😭😭😭
Benn Daniel Vai
Benn Daniel Vai Pred 22 urami
Hornets are fun to watch.
spvnka Pred 23 urami
imagine after his 10 day expire he signs with nets and gets back on his prime
Fuyi Li
Fuyi Li Pred 23 urami
praying for Murry, that landing really reminded me of the time Derrick Rose got injured. Really hoping he gonna come back strong.
Rayquan Henderson
Rayquan Henderson Pred dnevom
What's ur favorite build
John Daniel
John Daniel Pred dnevom
Poor biyombo
Virux FN
Virux FN Pred dnevom
bro oml i'm a 6ers fan and i'm pissed
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith Pred dnevom
Bol bol.....
Xerath Pred dnevom
ToiletClogger1945 Pred dnevom
givvee Smoove a Nurkic mapppp lol
Lez PlayYt
Lez PlayYt Pred dnevom
lmao seeing lebron complain to ref even though he wasnt playing was very funny to watch
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye Pred dnevom
Westbrook is so underappreciated
Renjolo Bagunu
Renjolo Bagunu Pred dnevom
Haha nice game
Mikelanders89 Pred dnevom
that was nurkic not kanter
Brandon Hall
Brandon Hall Pred dnevom
Motivational quote: “No days off!” Brooklyn Nets: “No, Days off.”
Joseph Daniel
Joseph Daniel Pred dnevom
it could all be so simple if you let me make it splash
William PPL
William PPL Pred dnevom
Biyombo is having a tough season, first Westbrook now Kuzma.
Brendan Mayers
Brendan Mayers Pred dnevom
if they recast him the disrespect they lowkey be showin smh
leo The Black Mexican
leo The Black Mexican Pred dnevom
0:39 did he just say nets ??
Gundam Pred dnevom
kuzma best inconsistent player of all time
Dwayne Cousar
Dwayne Cousar Pred dnevom
All the wizards need is a center or a decent wing
ABISHEK DAS Pred dnevom
porzingus was stupid for shooting that 3, they shoulda passed it to willie cauley stein he had a mismatch in the end
Justin Espinosa
Justin Espinosa Pred dnevom
Durants midrange game is some 🧀 🧀🧀
journey man
journey man Pred dnevom
Kyle "Seesaw" Kuzma. I'll be excited if he does it in at least 3 game stretch.
A$APshaman Pred dnevom
one-take smoove back at it
Pablo Ramos
Pablo Ramos Pred dnevom
Smoove been on something else lately lmao dude don't know what he saying 🤣🤣
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred dnevom
Chris Smoove needs sum sleeeeepp, give that guy a pillow 🛏
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred dnevom
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred dnevom
The PG Indiana used to have 💯
The sports Yemigod
The sports Yemigod Pred dnevom
Jonathan mitchell is my favorite player
Ben Henderson
Ben Henderson Pred dnevom
What a murder
Double A
Double A Pred dnevom
Smoove says qwuater
Double A
Double A Pred dnevom
These Hornets jerseys are insane
Cuzz 420
Cuzz 420 Pred dnevom
Perfect moment for a OMG NO WAY
Jaidyns Pred dnevom
1 year ago already
Yoshiro Senpai
Yoshiro Senpai Pred dnevom
I hope he won't disappear in the playoffs
Neno b21
Neno b21 Pred dnevom
will forever be REMEMBERED. 🙏🏽🙏🏽
Ethan Burkett
Ethan Burkett Pred dnevom
Y’all sleeping on dame
Wilbert Leiyf Nanagas
Wilbert Leiyf Nanagas Pred dnevom
No suns video????
Marlin McKnight
Marlin McKnight Pred dnevom
Smoove getting lazy with the commentary in the backcourt
Drew Mow
Drew Mow Pred dnevom
Times are so important in the fourth.
T OM Pred dnevom
Kyrie up in his feels again
ItsWolfy Pred dnevom
2021 babyyyyyyyyy
I L L U S I O N Pred dnevom
Lakers > chicken nugs
Devo Body
Devo Body Pred dnevom
Zion had 25 20+ games but were gonna praise Paul for 4 ??💀
Palmpietube 343
Palmpietube 343 Pred dnevom
You said nets instead of clippers
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg Pred dnevom
Wizards need to be in playoffs. They can makes some waves
Ayush Garg
Ayush Garg Pred dnevom
So no one gonna talk about kormaz. He be balling lately
Buisness Pays
Buisness Pays Pred dnevom
I’m sorry but that first poster not getting enough love, that mess was NASTY
Kingsley XII
Kingsley XII Pred dnevom
Damn dennis really got in his head
Soulex Dioh
Soulex Dioh Pred dnevom
“Nets getting lazy on the pass” that’s something FlightReacts will say when it’s Clippers vs Pacers😂😂
energygaming Pred dnevom
Pg ballin rn!!!
Elijah Perlmuter
Elijah Perlmuter Pred dnevom
Nice work but not Kanter it was nurkic
pruh Pred dnevom
steph fake pass at 0:22 is so underrated
easyeye06 Pred dnevom
Chris smoove need to be on espn as an analyst
Ray S
Ray S Pred dnevom
The Nuggets are in trouble. Chris Smoove voice.🤣
chief W
chief W Pred dnevom
That’s not kanter you on drugs aye
SAVAGEPicGamer Pred dnevom
Jokic, MPJ and Aaron gordon
StoppedByGrace •
StoppedByGrace • Pred dnevom
But can he do it in the playoffs
Inhale Burrito
Inhale Burrito Pred dnevom
I wish I could take off work for personal reasons so many fuckin times. I miss one day and I'm getting an ear full and i make 2% of what they make.
Sneakyninja 08
Sneakyninja 08 Pred dnevom
Well we probably won’t be seeing kyrie till playoffs now...🤦🏾‍♂️
MTW Pred dnevom
Paul George rep grinding
JG124 Pred dnevom
Curry > Lillard
Kevin Hau
Kevin Hau Pred dnevom
Team most likely going to relocate.
Ben Woo
Ben Woo Pred dnevom
I miss dlo on the nets
Ben Woo
Ben Woo Pred dnevom
tomorrow ima miss work for personal reasons
TOXIC GAMER Pred dnevom
Bruh he really said “nets getting lazy with the passes” lmao
Eagle Pred dnevom
Don't ask Kyrie who is in Paris
So you see
So you see Pred dnevom
Simmons should be a bench player
Tamir Hall
Tamir Hall Pred dnevom
Kyrie is missing games because he converted to islam and is celebrating islamic holiday.
PJE Turner
PJE Turner Pred dnevom
KD is a bucket
Censordat Pred dnevom